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These are some of the  more common questions I have heard over the years from people considering starting therapy. Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns.

What to expect

  1. What to bring to my first session ?

    In the first session you should bring with you a current insurance card, a referral or authorization number if needed,  the name of the primary care, a list of medications, doses,prescriber's name, and reason for the medication. For child referrals related to school issues it would be helpful to bring any school reports you might have as well as the school's contact information.

  2. How long is the first session ?

    The first session last between 45-75 minutes depending on the amount of paperwork to review and fill out. 

  3. How long are the additional sessions?

    After the first session, all additional sessions are approximately 50 minutes long.

  4. When do I need to pay for the session ?

    Sessions are expected to be paid for at the start of each session. You can pay for the services with cash, check, or some HSA cards.

  5. How many times will I need to come?

    Due to each person being a unique individual with many complex variables as well as what challenges they are facing, this question of how long will you need to come is often hard to accurately answer. Therapy tends to end when the client feels satisfied with the amount of progress they have made unless an insurance company decides that they no longer will cover a portion. The client then has the option of continuing to work on their challenges or ending therapy at that time.

  6. What if I want to protect my privacy and opt to not use my insurance

    As a clinician I am painfully aware of the sacrifices that clients has to make with their confidential and very personal and private information so that an insurance company will pay part of the bill. I value your right to have your sessions confidential enough to be willing to allow you to choose to pay for the sessions instead of billing a portion to your insurance company. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that no portion of the bill will be submitted to your insurance company and that willing and choosing to pay for the session fully yourself.  By doing so you will also be able to have more choice in how long your therapy last and what areas your sessions can focus on. Many of the laws that protect a client's confidentiality as well as allowing insurance company to have more say in when and if counseling is needed are changing in the near future so I am willing to work with those who choose to be the ones determining if they need help and for how long they wish to receive help.

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Insurance Questions

  1. Do you accept my insurance?

    Because each health insurance ompany offers so many policies and plans under their company name it is impossible to know if I am able to take your insurance without calling the insurance company first. If you would like to see if I am in your network you can call the customer service number on your health insurance card to see if I am in network for your plan as well as what their requirements are. As a reminder the insurance companies tell you that they do not have to honor what told you. Since the agreement for your health insurance plan is between you and the health insurance company it is up to you ultimately to pay for any par to the services the health insurance company decides not to cover.

  2. What if I want my personal information kept protect?

    Please call the office to inquire about fees. Anyone who wishes to keep their very private information private instead of being entered into the health insurance company's data base and possibly released or stolen do have the option of signing a waiver stating that they do not wish to use their health insurance plan to pay for any or all of the services rendered now or in the future. Since I am aware of jus how sensitive and private a person's therapy can be I always educate my clients  in advance so they can choose how safe they wish to keep their information.

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